Government’s Plans for Charters are Discouraging

“Is the Central government trying to promote tourism or discourage it?”Those were my first words to a reporter when I heard that the Airport Authority of India (AAI) is going to increase the deposit amount that is collected from charter companies that fly to Goa. The effect was immediate. Russian charter operator ...Read More

The Continued Growth of Tourism in India

“I always wonder… why birds stay in the same place, when they can fly anywhere on Earth. Then I ask myself the same question!” For some time now, I have ignored writing on my blog, partly because I have been too busy and also because I struggled with what to write, the ...Read More

Price War in the Skies

Unlike the impression that exists, India is not a cheap place if you want to do a lot of travelling. Air fares, in particular, can be very daunting. And with airlines increasing air fare during “season”, it makes it very tough on a traveller. For instance, flying from Chennai or Kolkata to ...Read More

Tourism in Budget Limelight, is it All Good?

Tourism is—and has always been—one of the greatest contributors to the Indian economy. And this holds true for many other countries, too. Considering the size and diversity of our country, we still rank a woeful 41 in international tourism arrivals according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Will Budget 2015 improve ...Read More

It’s Budget Time Again

It’s time for the Modi government to announce the Annual Budget 2015. So far, it has been seen as a business-friendly government. Where will the tourism industry stand this year? The only party to include tourism in the election manifesto, it denotes the Government is serious about the industry. And we have ...Read More

Goa is Still the Place to Go To

Because of the Caper Group’s strong presence in Goa, I try to stay up-to-date on news regarding Goa. Early this month, National Geographic ranked Goa 6th in the global ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities’. Not just that, the place is also listed as a safe tourism destination! How about that! With beaches to ...Read More

The Convenience of Travelling to India, Now

What’s your take on the e-visa scheme? When the Government launched it last November, we in the travel industry rejoiced. And rightly so. Because it eases up the travel process for visitors from forty-three countries. They just have to log on to Indian Visa Application site and feed their details to apply for ...Read More

Welcome to My Blog

Over the years, I have travelled the world and seen the gradual change in the way we plan our travel, be it leisure or business. There is no dearth of choice for the discerning traveller —from online portals that guarantee all-inclusive packages to enterprising traveller operators or even legit advice from travel ...Read More